Winter garden

While taking photos of our little bundle of mischief, James, I cannot resist capturing flowers in my winter garden as well.   We haven’t had much frost yet but there is cold front on it’s way and temps are predicted to drop

End of season blooms of Icebergs and Sharifa …

Copy of IMG_6022

Copy of IMG_5918

Really, really, really end of blooms ..

Copy of IMG_6055

Lavender flowers regardless of the season …

Copy of IMG_6196

Succulents and aloes flowering now ..

Copy of IMG_6197

Copy of IMG_6087

Copy of IMG_6417

Copy of IMG_6418

I thought it was about time I planted poppies – haven’t done so for a couple of years ..

Copy of IMG_6165 Copy of IMG_6166

Copy of IMG_6398 Copy of IMG_6401 Copy of IMG_6404

Azalea ..

Copy of IMG_6413

Collages - 216

Primula ..

Copy of IMG_6424

Copy of IMG_6416

Copy of IMG_6429

Copy of IMG_6430 Copy of IMG_6433

Virginia stocks ..

Copy of IMG_6407

Australian violet ..

Copy of IMG_6434

Common garden violet ..

Copy of IMG_6425

Copy of IMG_6427

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  1. They’re so beautiful! I love your garden. 🙂

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