A wonderful week in Ramsgate

Many, many years ago, when Jeanette and Carl were very small and Elaine, a twinkle in the sky, we spent a couple holidays along the South Coast of KwaZulu Natal.

Margate Pier ..

Copy of IMG_5447

Since then, having popped down a few times to visit my cousin in Ramsgate en route elsewhere, we hadn’t spent much time there.  Staying for a bit longer, this time, gave us an opportunity to see more of the area.

Copy of IMG_5448

Grocery shopping has definitely changed.  We weren’t really impressed with the supermarkets in Margate but driving further north to Shelly Beach there are two Malls close by where shopping was a better experience.  I am a city girl after all, and that’s what we’re used to, but I will admit that I bought an awesome leg of lamb at the local Checkers .. succulent and tender and very, very tasty!   I wasn’t really impressed with the quality of the veggies, but there again, I am used to our Woolworths Food Market and Pick n Pay in our area where the quality is very good and in abundance.   (Am I a snob, or just a city girl?)

Copy of IMG_5453

Apart from food shopping, we didn’t spend time shopping.  The Malls were full of holidaymakers as the weather wasn’t great.  It was chilly and very windy until our last day, which was beautifully warm and not a breath of wind.  We took the opportunity for a long walk on Marina/Trafalgar Beach, retracing our steps from two holidays spent at Marina Beach, as I said, many years ago.  (Photos to follow)

Not the best day for fishing, me thinks, as there was a handful of fishermen …

Copy of IMG_5456

Copy of IMG_5458

Copy of IMG_5460 Copy of IMG_5461

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Copy of IMG_5467 Copy of IMG_5469

Copy of IMG_5470

We had a wonderful time with Barry, having teas, or dinner with some of his friends.  Only recently divorced, bachelor living is creeping in, hence my grocery shopping.   A couple of meals which his helper, Doreen, doesn’t cook, was most welcome.  I gave her a few easy tips on cooking and flavours.  She uses a steamer for veggies – yummy – I need one 🙂  I’m sure he won’t mind me saying this here .. on my blog .. Barry has one prosthetic limb and getting around is not easy.  Doreen is a great help and .. amazing!   While hubby helped him with his computer organising and storing information, as he is like me .. technologically challenged 🙂 … I read or watched Wimbledon 🙂   We also spent a wonderful day with our friends, Ray and Carol, who are caravanning further north along the coast, and who came to Barry’s for a braai/BBQ.  Very special catching up with old friends 🙂

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