Old World charm in the Midlands

Three years ago, on the eve of Elaine and Bryan’s wedding, our two families gathered at Rawdons Hotel for drinks in the pub and patio.  It was a perfect way to meet up with friends and family members, some from far and wide, before the big day.   Hubby and I, and our friends from Colombia, Terry and Paola,  also stayed a night after the wedding festivities came to an end, before the four of us drove to a game reserve in KwaZulu Natal.  So this time, we returned, after our holiday in the Transkei, for a night before heading to the Drakensberg.

It’s a lovely hotel in a beautiful setting with all rooms decorated with antiques collected by the original owners who built it in the early 1950’s


The Midlands was misty and rainy, interspersed with heavy rain, a welcome relief from the drought and extreme heat they had been experiencing up to a day or two prior to our visit but also causing a bit of a problem at the hotel.   Monkeys, searching for food and water,  have moved into the area where monkeys have never been before, and have become a nuisance.  They had ripped out bits of thatched roofing and now with the heavy rain management had to deal with dripping ceilings in some places.   We hadn’t been in our room very long, (long enough for me take piccies ;)) when water dripped down the wall onto a window sill.

Collages - 28

Management were very apologetic explaining the monkey/thatched roof problem and moved us to another room.  A large suite!  The Pattrick Suite complete with passage, a large second bedroom, bathroom with shower, tea and coffee station behind a door, and a lounge with a view over the lawns and dams …










IMG_3892 IMG_3895


Those pesky, destructive monkeys came out to play when the rain stopped for a short while ..



Went back under cover when rain started again ..


In the cosy pub ..

12705625_10153306586182443_1165259098722363305_n[1] 12814521_10153306595772443_1477661685553439974_n[1]

A few pics as we drove out next morning  ..

IMG_3916 IMG_3918





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