Some of my favourite photos from Umngazi

I took many, many, many photographs during our 4 days at Umngazi River Bungalows and Spa, a magical place situated on the mouth of the Umngazi River near Port St Johns in the Transkei.  It’s paradise and we LOVED it …. so much so that we’ve booked for the same time next year in the same bungalow!!

I will share lots more photos in posts to come of our bungalow, the main resort and more, but in the meantime I have picked some of my favourites as a taster 😉

Copy of IMG_3518

Copy of IMG_2959 Copy of IMG_2966

Copy of IMG_2999 Copy of IMG_3003

Copy of IMG_3068

Copy of IMG_3080

Copy of IMG_3118

Copy of IMG_3688

Copy of IMG_3044

Copy of IMG_3354

Copy of IMG_3516

Copy of IMG_3523

Copy of IMG_3551

Copy of IMG_3553

Copy of IMG_3605

Copy of IMG_3616

Copy of IMG_3622

Copy of IMG_3667

Copy of IMG_3674 Copy of IMG_3779

Copy of IMG_3780

Copy of IMG_3387

Copy of IMG_3807

Copy of IMG_3383 Copy of IMG_3435

Copy of IMG_3804


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One Response to Some of my favourite photos from Umngazi

  1. looks gorgeous and so peaceful!

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