Bathed in a golden glow

There is a moment … just a moment …  in the evening when everything is bathed in a golden glow.  It usually happens quite regularly in summer but this evening was the first time this summer (that I had noticed anyway).  Maybe it was because we had a good downpour around midday (which is our normal pattern of rain) which didn’t last long, leaving hail on the ground and 12mm in the rain gauge.  We are experiencing an awful drought this summer so the rain was a welcome relief.

I simply love this glow!!  When I notice my world around me turn gold, I have to be in it.  It’s magical!!   I stand in it.  I sit in it.  I breathe.  I am calm.  My world is at peace.

Copy of IMG_1724


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2 Responses to Bathed in a golden glow

  1. jenty says:

    That’s beautiful! I missed it!

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