Another scorcher

Yet another hot, hot day today with a slight promise of thundershowers this afternoon.  ‘Slight’  means we don’t get it .. at this house .. at this garden.

A few days ago we had a heavy storm and then overnight light rain .. for a bit.  26mls in my rain gauge altogether.  Yay !!   ~happy dance~!!     About a week before that, we had 13mls.   Both brought welcome relief for the garden and cooled the air slightly.

Now we are back to a scorching sun and cloudless blue sky …

Copy of IMG_1241

.. the kind of day that melts your lipstick ..

Copy of IMG_1242

… and the kind of day you need sunglasses to see your flowers …

Copy of IMG_1231

Copy of IMG_1225

Copy of IMG_1233

Copy of IMG_1224

Copy of IMG_1237

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