Some flower pics

We are getting rather desperate for rain.  We had a short sharp shower a few weeks ago and since then there’s been nothing !!  And to top it all, we’ve had really hot weather!!   Yesterday the wind blew and dark clouds gathered.  We had a teaspoonful!!  The rain gauge doesn’t lie.    Back to clear blue skies this morning .. not a cloud about 😦   Clouds building again this afternoon.  Holding thumbs … but it doesn’t look hopeful 😦


The high cost of water is limiting the amount I can use in the garden, so am watering sparingly and sadly the lawn is bearing the brunt of lack of this precious commodity.  Most patches are watered at the same time as flower beds when using a rose spray (I don’t have an irrigation system) but there are dry patches in-between.

I took these flower pics a week or so ago ..  Brilliant Iceberg (had the wrong setting on camera …  I like it !)

Copy of IMG_0700

Scabiosa incise

Copy of IMG_0707

Agapanthus ..

Copy of IMG_0716

Plectranthus …

Copy of IMG_0722

Barbeton Daisy … Gerbera jamesonii

Copy of IMG_0725

Pink carpet rose ..

Copy of IMG_0727

Christmas cactus .. Schlumbergera

Copy of IMG_0755

And another Christmas cactus which flowered for the first time.  I took a couple of cuttings from a friend’s plant 🙂  The flowers are enormous !!  The size of my hand !!!!!

Copy of IMG_0756

Copy of IMG_0748

Copy (3) of IMG_0695

Copy of IMG_0739

Copy of IMG_0747

These I took today ..   Bougainvillea …

Copy of IMG_0805

Copy of IMG_0810 Copy of IMG_0811

Fuchsia ..

Copy of IMG_0817

Agapanthus .. ‘Barley Blue’

Copy of IMG_0824

Now that it’s a little cooler .. time to go into the garden to plant some herbs ie sweet basil and thyme



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