Lovely lavender … yet again!!

Forgive me 😉   I took these pics the other morning, early .. while sipping my morning tea, when the sky was clear and the air was fresh with a hint of lavender around me,  and the rising sun glistened on purple tips

Copy (2) of Copy of IMG_0322

Copy of IMG_0328

Copy of IMG_0329

Copy of IMG_0317

Also in my garden is this unusual white lavender.  One small plant which I have unsuccessfully tried to propagate 😦  It’s a type of Lavender Stoechas (winter lace perhaps?)

Copy of Copy of IMG_0348

Copy of Copy of IMG_0341

Bird in a bush …

Every morning a masked weaver collects lavender leaves to line his nest.  Very difficult to capture as he’s very quick .. chirping and nipping off one leaf at a time until he finds the right one!!!   I’m hoping lady weaver will accept his handy work and choose his aromatic nest to lay her eggs and bring up her babies 🙂

Copy of IMG_0370

Copy of IMG_0378

And there he flies … with his chosen leaf ..



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