National Heritage Day

Today is National Heritage Day or National Braai Day, as it’s becoming known!!!!

Both hubby and I are from Zimbabwe.  We are Rhodesians by birth and South Africans by ‘adoption’.    I am a member of the Rhodesian Pioneer Society, as both my parents were born in Rhodesia, so links to my heritage go way, way back!!

The National Flower of South Africa is a King Protea, which I don’t have growing in my garden sadly.  Proteas don’t do well for me.  I’ve tried .. they die 😦   I do have Flame Lilies, the National Flower of my home country, but they haven’t popped up yet.  They start sprouting from the ground after the rains start and flower just in time for Christmas.

Soooo .. I can’t show you a King Protea or a Flame Lily – national flowers of our adopted home and our home country …  but I can show you a strelitzia, native to South Africa .. and growing in my garden 🙂

Copy of IMG_0310

Copy of IMG_0311

Copy of IMG_0316

Happy Heritage Day !!!!


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One Response to National Heritage Day

  1. jenty says:

    Gorgeous flowers mom!

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