You’re not washing my bed !

Max doesn’t usually see me put his blankets and cushion into the washing machine, but he did yesterday ….  and was most upset ..

Copy of IMG_9764

He pulled out his cushion and carried it away … twice!!!   The third time, I had my camera on hand …

Copy of IMG_9768

Copy of IMG_9771

Copy of IMG_9774

Copy of IMG_9775

Copy of IMG_9776

Nooooo !!!   round and round goes they go  !!!

Copy of IMG_9777

Not to be completely defeated, he pulled his other cushion and blanket down from the stool in the spare bedroom, dragged the blanket to our bedroom and then settled down onto the cushion.   (This cushion and blanket is only used at night)


Looking very pleased with himself !!!!!

Copy of IMG_9780


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One Response to You’re not washing my bed !

  1. jenty says:

    LOL that’s so funny!! Max is so sweet 🙂

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