This is Lily

Yesterday hubby and I met Lily.   She is Elaine and Bryan’s new 8 week old Beagle pup and playmate for Hardy.  Isn’t she the cutest little thing 🙂  … with puppy dog eyes, wrinkles, fat paws, cute little nose, four white socks, white tipped tail .. and those flippy-floppy-flappy ears !!

Copy of IMG_8844

Copy of IMG_8798

Copy of IMG_8800

Copy of IMG_8811

Hardy was so good with her.  He was running up and down with little Lily trying to catch up.  Well .. they were following me I was running up and down with Hardy following and little Lily bringing up the rear, ears flapping !!

Copy of IMG_8814

Copy of IMG_8816

Copy of IMG_8827

Copy of IMG_8831

Copy of IMG_8834

Copy of IMG_8838

Copy of IMG_8865

Copy of IMG_8856

Copy (2) of IMG_8859

I couldn’t decide which of the following pics I liked best … so put them all in

Copy of IMG_8872

Copy of IMG_8877

Copy of IMG_8875

Cuddlesomeness !!!

Copy of IMG_8869


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2 Responses to This is Lily

  1. jenty says:

    Aww she’s adorable! Can’t wait to meet her 🙂

  2. She’s beautiful. A bit of a grumpy look that is so cute.

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