Reading homework with Connor

Connor’s reading today was about Biff, Chip and Nadim spending the half-term week with their Gran, but their teacher put a spanner in the works by giving them homework which was to write a nature diary.   Disappointed children said they couldn’t spend time with Gran, but Gran, being awesome, said they can do homework plus have fun!!

Gran turned her garden shed into a nature laboratory, took them into the woods, collected leaves, bark rubbing, made plaster casts of animal tracks, colourful mushroom spotting, and other fun nature stuff … and sat on sunbeds outside at night to watch the stars !!  Awesome Gran !!!

Copy of IMG_8719

“Isn’t their Gran nice”?  I said when we came to the end

“No”  ….  sad face me 😦

“You’re not a nice Gran ….  you are a wonderful Gran !!!!

🙂  my heart melts 🙂   I love this child

Copy of IMG_8725

Copy of IMG_8727

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1 Response to Reading homework with Connor

  1. jenty says:

    You are a wonderful Gran 🙂 the kids LOVE spending time with you

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