Throwback Thursday : 9 July 2012 : France

On this day, three years ago, hubby and I were on a Trafalgar Tour in France 🙂  It was my first time, ever, in Europe !!!   And .. on this day, on 9th July, we were on our first day of the tour around France.  We motored through the French countryside to Beaune then onto Lyon for our first night stop …

Copy of IMG_4519

Beaune …

Copy of IMG_4576

Copy of IMG_4538

Copy of IMG_4552

Copy of IMG_4541

Copy of IMG_4584

Copy of IMG_4605

Copy of IMG_4619

Copy of IMG_4686

Wine tasting at Cave de la Reine Pédauque …

Copy of P1070975

Lyon …

Copy of IMG_4770

Copy of IMG_4696

Copy of IMG_4772

Copy of IMG_4734

Copy of IMG_4746

Fascinating and very interesting traboules ... interlinking passages through buildings between streets which were used in by-gone days for silk traders carrying their wares from harbour to old city – quicker as well as keeping dry in inclement weather.   During WWII the Resistance used these secret passages ..

Copy of P1070995

Copy of P1070996

La Tour Rose de la Maison du Crible dates back to 1600’s …

Copy of IMG_4753

12th century Cathédrale St-Jean ..

Copy of IMG_4710

And then there was my first taste of genuine French croissants and macarons, and oohh’d and ahh’d  at slices – huge slices like pieces of cake (!) –  of French nougat in a window as we walked passed  …


What wonderful memories !!!!!  A country I would return to in a heartbeat 🙂

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