Last sunrise …

.. and last sunset … on our last day.

Our Ballito holiday in the North Coast of KwaZulu Natal

So often our last day of our coastal holidays is grim.   Could be windy, cloudy, rainy or chilly.   This day was no exception.  I did however have my last dip in the ocean but we didn’t stay long on the beach




IMG_7041 (2)

Ships passing in the haze ..



Late afternoon and early evening was foggy/hazy … when the horizon disappeared.
Sea became sky … sky became sea


Early next morning we travelled inland for our two night stay in the beautiful Midlands

This concludes our Ballito holiday pics 🙂

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1 Response to Last sunrise …

  1. Mrs FF says:

    Such beautIful pictures as always!!!

    And interesting on the grim weather on your last day! Though the pictures tell otherwise

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