Waterberry Coffee Shoppe in Ballito

When in Ballito, we always pop into the Waterberry for coffee/tea and something really scrumptious to eat.    After opening in 2003, Ballito at last had a decent place to relax over a cup of coffee or tea and a scone, slice of cake, lemon meringue, cheese cake, pancakes etc .. .. .. .. ..  We always looked forward to a ‘grim’ day .. a non-beach-day .. as it was a perfect excuse to indulge, either for breakfast, mid-morning coffee or lunch!!   Devastatingly, it was completely gutted by fire in June 2003.

Rebuilt and re-opened in November last year, it is bright and modern.  It’s fabulous !!!  And of course we had to re-visit the Waterberry for coffee and a scone with cream and their delicious homemade jam


Instagram photo


Instagram photo






IMG_6663 IMG_6664


IMG_6667 IMG_6668

IMG_6674 IMG_6671





We came home with an armful of jams!!

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1 Response to Waterberry Coffee Shoppe in Ballito

  1. I sometimes (and only sometimes) think that I would love to own a coffee shop like this

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