Ardmore Ceramics in the Midlands : part three

Final part of our very interesting visit to Ardmore Ceramics (Midlands Meander) in the Caversham Valley in the beautiful and scenic Midlands of KwaZulu Natal

This is Lovemore, one of the Throwers, a Zimbabwean from the Plumtree area.  I told him that my Dad went to Plumtree High School.  (I googled the school and sadly it’s in the list of 20 worst schools in Zimbabwe today 😦  my Dad would be devastated as it was, in his day, one of the top school for boys.  In 1998, my Mum and I walked around the school when we stopped at Plumtree on a train journey up to Bulawayo.  I’m sure I have photographs which I will included in a Throwback Thursday.  We travelled on the train to commemorate 100 years since the first passenger train to reach Bulawayo – my great grandmother was the only woman on that train!!)

Back to the amazing talent at Ardmore 😉   this is Lovemore ..  I have been told that the throwers from Zimbabwe are highly thought of ..



I spotted this ceramic protea on a corner shelf in the painters workshop below ..


Painters workshop filled with natural light ….


Each person paints a sculpture from start to finish with incredible detail .. Extraordinary !!








Pale background colours are sponged on …


Rough bits are smoothed out with a blade …








Tableau of magnificent pieces …


The display is rather busy because of the beautiful Ardmore tablecloth to appreciate every detail


Quote from Ardmore’s Facebook page describing the large vase in the middle :-

“”We present No 9 of our 30th Anniversary Collection. Somandla Ntshalintshali has hand coiled this magnificent vase in tribute to the rhino of Africa whose butchery for their horn saddens us all! Jabu Nene has worked her poetry over the form with fine brushwork and created a symphony of design that works harmoniously with this organic masterwork and the entire sculpture is truly an African treasure.””


Some of the pieces made recently are not entirely glazed with some detail left unglazed



What an interesting place!!    I’d recommend a definite stop here when driving around the Midlands Meander 🙂

Our next stop on the Meander was Culamoya Chimes – where the wind touches your soul 

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