Sea and sand .. and a bit more

Same pretty sunrise as in second last post but there are birds in this one 😉

Copy of IMG_6464

Cormorant watching people on beach …

Copy of IMG_6447

Flypast of Egrets ..

Copy of IMG_6434

That’s us 🙂   Sitting where we do the families with littlies don’t disturb us.  Have we become that old !!!

Copy of IMG_6454

Granny Beach high tide ..

Copy of IMG_6482

Never seen this before!!!   Lady with a bath cap!!!  Like stepping back in time!

Copy of IMG_6524

Surfer dudes in a rush to catch the perfect wave ..

Copy of IMG_6527

Copy of IMG_6532 Copy of IMG_6535

While I waited to get some shots of the surfer dudes on those perfect waves, I spotted this little cutie with her new fishing rod (with no line 🙂 ) hoping for a bite in a tiny rock pool … the pool in which she had fun almost every day ..

Copy of IMG_6563

As is usually the case, we have noticed with holiday-makers-whose-kiddies-really really-need-a-fishing-rod  …  dads end up doing the fishing …

Copy of IMG_6596

Was hoping to get a perfect run with this chap with the repetitive button on camera ..

Copy of IMG_6575 Copy of IMG_6576

Copy of IMG_6577

Not the most graceful of dismounts (or whatever the surfing term is) !!!

Copy of IMG_6578

Copy of IMG_6539

Copy of IMG_6545

Copy of IMG_6554

Innovative way of carrying a surf board on a bike ..


Staying in an apartment on the 3rd floor is marvellous for a panoramic sea view …

IMG_6495 … as well as people watching !!   Not a day went by when these twins, as old as they are, didn’t dressed exactly the same!!!


Cormorant in flight …

IMG_6541 (2)

IMG_6543 (2)

I always enjoy our late afternoon walks before the sun dips behind the buildings.  Willard Beach (the Main Beach) – steep and full of rocks.  After a few days, high tides brought back the sand, levelling off the beach and covering the rocks ..


Suns rays catching the white foam  ..

IMG_6506 (2)


…   Ballito – North Coast – KwaZulu Natal – May 2015

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2 Responses to Sea and sand .. and a bit more

  1. jenty says:

    Love the surfing shots!

  2. Firefly - Jonker says:

    Been following your holiday on FB. Looks like you’re having a great holiday

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