Throwback Thursdays: 1987 favourites

Is Throwback Thursday theme still relevant for 2015?  Hope so .. I’m having fun going back to the old photos …

The number of photographs in this year increased!!   Taking photographs became important for me to record our family in pics to send to my Mum and Dad in Zimbabwe.    No cell phones, Skype, or any other means of showing off family photographs except in print .. and the mailman !!

These are amongst my favourites for 1987 …

When my Mum and Dad visited I always took photographs … for my album
March : Elaine was 7 months old

March 87 - E 7mths

March 87 - E 7mths 2

I love this one with my Dad ..

March 87 - E 7mths 3

April : Marina Beach, South Coast, Kwa Zulu Natal

April 87 - E 8mths

April 87 - E 8mths 2

I remember this day .. the wind was howling and the children sheltered behind rocks ..

April 87 - E 8mths 3

June :  Elaine 10mths :  her love of books started at an early age 🙂  !!!

June 87 - E 10mths

Also 10 mths .. a studious child in the making !!

June 87 - E 10mths 2

July :

July 87 - E 11mths

August :  Elaine’s First Birthday …

August 87 - E 12mths

Sept :  Carl reading her a story :  these two have a special bond even today 🙂

Sept 87 - E 13mths

Oct :  Jeanette sharing her lunch with her baby sister (dressed in the same colours!!  I’m sure it wasn’t intentional)

Oct 87 - E 14mths

Simple toys !!

Oct 87 - E 14mths 2

Nov : this was intentional .. only for the photo!!   I made Jeanette a jumpsuit and made one for Elaine with the left-over fabric

Nov 87 - E 14.5mths

First steps …

Nov 87 - E 14.5mths first steps

Dec :  our three gorgeous children

Dec 87 - E 15mths




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