Sunset number one !!

First of January … sunset number 1 of 365 !!    I wanted to get sunrise this morning as it would have followed yesterdays sunset but there didn’t seem much point as there wasn’t one.   It was really really cloudy and many areas – not ours – had a downpour

Sooooo … sunset from our back garden is best I can do to celebrate the first day of a new year.  We were chatting earlier today about New Years day two years ago when we jumped off the Soweto towers!!!!   Jeanette, Elaine, Bryan and I  .. a moment of madness, but one to tick off the bucket list !!!

Copy of IMG_4835

Copy of IMG_4839

Copy of IMG_4845 Copy of IMG_4855

Oh yes .. I did take a photo or two earlier today .. not of my beautiful family who were here for a lovely lazy lunch, and I love having my family around,  but of my watermelon!!!!   I have a watermelon plant !!!!  Connor planted some seeds from a piece of watermelon he was eating and viola !!!!  I have a watermelon plant!!   Now the trick is to keep it, and a smaller one, growing to ‘full-term’ or whatever the saying is for fruit, before they get nibbled by bugs and other nasties !!!  And .. I’m hoping I’ll get more 🙂

This is the larger one 15cm x 8 cm  … you can tell I’m thrilled ? !!!! 🙂

Copy of IMG_4829


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2 Responses to Sunset number one !!

  1. jenty says:

    Gorgeous sunset mom! Really hope those watermelons grow… it’ll be awesome to eat them fresh from the garden!

  2. Mrs FF says:

    I’m in awe at the watermelon!! It is huge already. I’m sure Connor is thrilled too. Hope it grows and grows to full term

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