Throwback Thursdays : Highlights of 1985

This is the year Jeanette started High School, we got a puppy, Carl was invested into Cubs and we had a marvellous coastal holiday in Marina Beach …

Her uniform didn’t look the same after the first few days  .. socks were rolled right down, hems got shorter etc (as does happen in High School!) .. and look at Carl with those long skinny legs 🙂

J's first day at high school - 1985

Gorgeous cuddly Dennis 🙂  Started off as a Lab puppy but after 6 months or so he grew whiskers and longer straggly hair, especially over his eyes (!)  Vet said he must have been a Lab cross Airedale.  Everyone said he looked like a flokati rug!!  He was a gorgeous dog.  In later life sadly, he suffered with crippling arthritis, especially in his hips

Dennis 6 weeks - 1985

Copy of Dennis 6 weeks - 1985_0001 Copy of Dennis 6 weeks 2 - 1985 Copy of Dennis 6 weeks 3 - 1985

Waiting for rain to stop … “we want to play”   (Dennis – 12 weeks)

March - 1985

April 1985 … Marina Beach, South Coast, Kwa Zulu Natal

Marina Beach April 1985

I will never look like that again … ever !!!

Marina Beach 1 April 1985

I remember long walks on the beach (Jeanette and I on left)

Marina Beach 2 April 1985

Marina Beach 3 April 1985 Marina Beach 4 April 1985

Glorious sunset ..

Marina Beach 5 April 1985

Marina Beach 6  April 1985

In September, Carl was invested into Cubs

Carl invested into Cubs Sept - 1985

Carl invested into Cubs 2 Sept - 1985

Carl invested into Cubs 3 Sept - 1985

Our garden was growing ….


Christmas at Ian and Kathy’s with my Mum and Dad and hubby’s Mum and Dad


Next … 1986 .. the year Elaine was born 🙂


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2 Responses to Throwback Thursdays : Highlights of 1985

  1. Elaine says:

    Dennis was soooo cute as a pup!! ❤

  2. Jenty says:

    Gosh Carl had skinny legs! LOL!
    Lovely memories 🙂

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