Throwback Thursday : highlights of 1981

Seems so long ago!!  Both Jeanette and Carl now at Big School !!

Carl's first day at primary school - Jan 1981


Sept 10, 1981 - Snow in Jhb

Sept 10, 1981 - Snow in Jhb - 1 Sept 10, 1981 - Snow in Jhb - 2

Christmas in Salisbury - Dec 1981Mum and Dad had farming friends who encouraged my Dad to plant maize (mealies) at the bottom of their one acre garden.  I am pleased to report that his crop was amazing!!!   Well done Dad xxx

Dad in his 'mealie field' - Dec 1981

Basket seller - Salisbury Dec 1981


Queue at Beit Bridge border - Dec 1981_0001



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2 Responses to Throwback Thursday : highlights of 1981

  1. Mrs FF says:

    There are definitely lots of hidden gems in your picture collection!!! What wonderful memories

    The cars at the border. Love love love

  2. jenty says:

    Love the photo with grampa and his beer 🙂

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