Exploring County Galway (or part thereof) : Travel Reminiscences

10 day self-drive tour of Ireland : October 2009

Map of Galway on previous post : I may repeat some scenic pics from breathtaking Connemara as featured in the 2009 post as it’s just amazing!!!



Clifden … P1090511P1090512-ClifdenP1090513P1090514P1090516P1090519Roundstone – a village well-known for a summer regatta of traditional Galway hookers (Galway’s traditional wooden sailing boats known as pucans and gleotogs – hookers in English.  They have broad black hulls, thick masts and white or rust-coloured sails)


Twelve Bens mountain range in distance ..

P1090525-Roundstone-Galway P1090526-Roundstone P1090528 P1090529-Roundstone-Galway

Aughnanure Castle – a well-restored six storey tower house which clings to a rocky island on the River Drimneen

P1090343-Aughnanure Castle, Co Galway P1090344







Connemara National Park is made up of bogland, lakes and mountains in the heart of Connemara.  ‘Within its more than 2 000 ha (5,000 acres) are the four of the Twelve Bens, including Benbaun, the highest mountain in the range – 730m (2400ft).  It really is beautiful !!!  Lakes like mirrors  !!

P1090360 (2)

P1090368 (2)P1090370 (2)P1090372 (2) P1090375 (2) P1090376 (2)

P1090378 (2) P1090379 (2) P1090380 (2) P1090381 (2) P1090382 (2)

P1090374 (4)My next Ireland post will be Kylemore Abbey which, surprisingly enough, I haven’t done


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  1. *sigh* The beauty of Ireland.

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