Palest prettiest pink

Life is pretty hectic in our household at the moment.  The Verster family are doing a few renovations to their house and needed to move out for a couple of weeks so they moved in with hubby and I.   Sitting down to do a post hasn’t always had my full attention as the boys are still on school holidays ….

Yesterday was officially Spring Day and my garden is beginning to blossom, slowly but surely.  We haven’t had our early summer rains yet but plants are nature’s wonder, bursting into bloom .. new shoots .. new growth.  Naturally a stroll around my garden, with camera in hand, is a must !!!

Here is my gorgeous pale pink Iris …

Copy of IMG_2844 Copy of IMG_2850 Copy of IMG_2851

Copy of IMG_2866 Copy of IMG_2867


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3 Responses to Palest prettiest pink

  1. gidobson says:

    Reblogged this on PASADENA BAPTIST CHURCH, DADE CITY, FLORIDA and commented:
    What lovely flowers in this post. Flowers can give a person peace in distressing times.

  2. cottagemom says:

    Beautiful! You’ve inspired me to plant irises at the Cottage! Just too pretty to resist!

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