Throwback Thursday: Johannesburg 1971

This was my first visit to Johannesburg … way, way back in 1971.  Hubby and I came down from Rhodesia for the Easter weekend, spending time at the Rand Easter and Agricultural Show (or whatever it was called then) which, way back then was held where a large portion of Wits University now stands.  In those days, at the Show,  there were stands from all over the world.  Fascinating for us as we were used to our Agricultural Shows that had everything local.  Nothing imported at all .. it was the time of sanctions in our country.   It opened my eyes to what was out there!!!!!!   There were magnificent cars, cheeses etc and what really sticks in my memory is the stand from Switzerland.  It was wall-to-wall clocks!!!!   From cuckoo clocks to grandfather clocks!!   They were amazing !!!!    (I still haven’t been to Switzerland!!!)

Copy of IMG_2840 Copy of IMG_2842

At that time there was a lift to a viewing deck in the Albert Hertzog Tower  (or FM Tower) : 235 metres high : used for the SA Broadcasting Corporation’s VHF-FM system  – built in 1962.    I still have the pamphlet tucked into an old photograph album ..

Copy (2) of Jhb 1971_0001

Photo of Johannesburg in the pamphlet ..

Copy of IMG_2837

This is my one and only photograph from the viewing deck  .. looking across to the Hillbrow Tower …

IMG_2600 - April 1971

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4 Responses to Throwback Thursday: Johannesburg 1971

  1. Wow, very interesting. Love the old photos

  2. Mrs FF says:

    WOW real wow!!!!!

    A real throwback. Amazing to see the changes

    • Mrs FF says:

      Interesting , just saw a time lapse ad showing sandton city as a farm in 1973!

      • When we moved here, we stayed in Windsor for two years or so, and when it was my turn to have our car, I would drive to Sandton City to browse!!! this new upmarket shopping centre was amazing in those days!! It was just the one building – the original one! .. and I could park underground!! A whole new experience!!

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