Throwback Thursdays : Sept 1973

Sooo .. here’s another from way-back-when  …

..   and then there were three :  Our family was growing .. Jeanette was born in 1972.  Here she is at aged 15 mths in 1973 when we were still living in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe)  …. a real cutie pie, isn’t she 😉

Copy of IMG_2650



Help .. can anyone help?   The scroll bar which is normally on the right hand side of the Visual Edit window has disappeared.   I can only scroll from the bar at the far right which is rather inconvenient!!

Does anyone know where it went, why it disappeared and how can I get it back?    It’s terribly annoying !!! 😦


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2 Responses to Throwback Thursdays : Sept 1973

  1. Mrs FF says:

    Lovely! Another real throwback! And I see daddy wearing his shorty shorts again – must have been the vogue back then

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