Two’s company.. three’s a crowd

It’s quite unusual for us to have pigeons in our garden.  We get Rameron Pigeons once a year when the neighbours indigenous wild peach tree is laden with fruit .. said tree is right at our common garden wall with branches hanging over our courtyard.

New on the block … the Feral Pigeon (below) is not one I want to encourage.   I love listening to their cooing, but they chase all the other birds away, hogging the bird bath and bird food, as do the Indian Mynas .. horrible birds !

Copy of IMG_2516


Copy of IMG_2528


Copy of IMG_2524

Copy of IMG_2519



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One Response to Two’s company.. three’s a crowd

  1. They used to nest in our two palm trees and make a huge mess and stink underneath the trees. Got rid of the trees and now they nest in my neighbour’s tree. One of our sausages hate them and creeps up on them like a cat, catching them whenever they get too close.

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