Elderly couple have a dip in the ocean

We spotted this elderly couple walking hand-in-hand towards the water’s edge and grabbed my camera.   I felt like an intruder, actually, by taking photographs of them, but it was so very sweet to watch them as they went a little deeper, holding hands and not letting each other go ..

Copy of IMG_1183

Copy of IMG_1185

Copy of IMG_1188

Copy of IMG_1189 It was so dear to watch as the husband held his wife’s hand while she dipped in the water  ….

Copy of IMG_1191… and held on tightly while she jumped in the frothy waves ..

Copy of IMG_1190

Copy of IMG_1193 Copy of IMG_1194

Copy of IMG_1195They walked back to their spot on the beach … dried themselves and sat in the sun for a little while before leaving

Copy of IMG_1196They came down to the beach, every morning, for a couple of days … he, holding her hand, while she dipped in the gentle waves.  On their last day, he asked a young mommy to stand with his wife while he went in on his own.  He braved the deeper waters, after I took this photo, ducking under the waves.  I didn’t take any more photographs but sat and watched them both

Copy of IMG_1450

It was very, very sweet  🙂

Ballito, KwaZulu Natal: May/June 2014


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One Response to Elderly couple have a dip in the ocean

  1. This really is so sweet. Don’t we all wish we would still be like this when we get old!

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