Spending time with my Mum

I have returned, today,  from a few days in Somerset West (Western Cape) visiting my Mum who, for readers who don’t know, is in Frail Care in an old aged home.  It’s a visit I try and do as often as I can (we live in Johannesburg).

Always very sad.   Always very heart wrenching.

She is extremely thin.   She doesn’t know I’m there.  Although this time .. twice .. there was a flicker of life and recognition in her eyes.  I am hoping ..

I am so saddened to see her like this.  I talk to her and hold her hand.  As I look down at her hand so many memories come flooding back.

I placed my hand on her heart.

I pray my warmth and love surrounds her while I’m there  .. and stays with her until my return


On Wednesday she turned 86.  Tomorrow is Mothers Day.

I love you Mummy and miss you so very very much  xxx

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  1. I echo Jeanette’s comment

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