Travel reminiscences from … Avignon, Provence

I’m having difficulty keeping to the ‘Fave Five Photos’ !!   So I shall change the ‘series’  to travel reminiscences but it won’t be an overload of photos  ;)!!!!

I love, love, love lavender!  I have many bushes in my garden.  I’m always picking the flowers and leaves.   I bundle flowers together to put on prezzies, into vases and wherever I can in my house.  I use them for decorating cakes.  I haven’t, as yet, put them in cakes and muffins, but I have added a flower to my sugar bowl.

A dream come true … travelling through Provence towards Avignon passing field upon field of lavender .. and sunflowers (!)  I wasn’t expecting to see so many fields of sunflowers!  What a colourful contrast!

Copy of IMG_4806

Imagine walking through rows and rows of lavender with that touchy-feely experience … and breathe … long and deep !

Copy of IMG_4826


Copy of IMG_4917 (2)

Copy of IMG_4925-Avignon

Copy of IMG_4854

French olde worlde figurines in a shop window ..

Copy of IMG_4866

My first French crêpe …

Copy of IMG_4902

1900’s carousel ..

Copy of IMG_4889

Copy of IMG_4926

Copy of IMG_4924 (2)


Copy of IMG_4864-Avignon

Provence, France : July 2012

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1 Response to Travel reminiscences from … Avignon, Provence

  1. Beautiful pictures and a great lavender themed post. I bet those little figures cost a fortune

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