Bloggers block !

My Italy blogs have come to an end and I am left with nothing to blog about !!!  A blog and Facebook friend suggested I choose, for instance ..

.. the best of / my favourite places I’ve …  visited, historic sites etc.  I may just do that, although I am by no means well-travelled!!!!!!!!!    Might be an idea until I can get into the groove again !!   How I would love to travel to distant lands .. I’d have plenty to blog about !!!    I would love to see more of Central Europe, Greek Islands,  Seychelles,  Scandinavia.  The Arctic has been a dream destination of mine for many years.  Maldives is also on my ‘dream list’ as well as Japan.  Russia is another.   I’ve had conversations with one of the grandparents of children at the boys’ school, who owns a house in a small village in Spain.  Sounds incredible!!  My paternal ancestors are Scottish.   Scotland should be our next destination.   Hubby and I went to France two years ago as his family comes from there.  I loved it!!!  I have always wanted to see where ‘I come from’ !   Looking at Pinterest photographs of Scotland, they’re all very dull and grey 😦   Does the sun ever shine in Scotland!   No wonder my Granny’s parents left to live in Rhodesia!!!!!   Saying that, we went to Ireland in 2009 and we had beautiful weather!!  Mostly cloudy but only one day of rain!

And so my list of dream destinations goes on !!

But  …..   getting back to reality and now …  this moment!

Photos I took today :  a butterfly – Yellow Pansy (Junonia oenone oenone)

Copy of IMG_0819 Copy of IMG_0822 Copy of IMG_0826

Autumn blues of hydrangeas from my garden ..

Copy of IMG_0836 Copy of IMG_0842 Copy of IMG_0852


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