Como on the shores of Lake Como

Day 8 continues :   From Baveno to Como ..  one beautiful lake to another … Lake Maggiore to Lake Como ..


We boarded our coach at the hotel in Baveno and made our way to the city of Como.   A mountain of marble on the outskirts of Baveno ..


IMG_6898 IMG_6899 Lake Como ..


Through the streets of Como ..


IMG_6903 … some extremely narrow ..


IMG_7043  Antonella, our Tour Director ..



Pietro dropped us off in the Piazza Cavour which overlooks the harbour ..



From there we had limited free time for a walk-about and a bite to eat before boarding our cruise on the lake.  Would have loved a little longer to explore the city.  The surrounding hills have been inhabited since the Bronze Age and in the 1st century BC, by order of Julius Caesar, the town was moved from the hills to its present location.  Some of our group decided to explore as well as take the funicular up the mountain instead of cruising the lake.  Such a difficult choice to make, but we decided to do the boat trip

IMG_6915 Collages 224

Chiesa di San Giacomo in Piazza Grimoldi Guido ..





Duomo Como .. constructed between 1396-1770, was the last Gothic cathedral built in Italy.   The West front was built in 1457-98 ..



IMG_6910 IMG_6911 IMG_6912 IMG_6913

IMG_6916 IMG_6917



Hubby and I had lunch at a sidewalk café opposite the Duomo.  Antonella recommended an Eraclea Crema al Caffè, a decadent iced coffee 🙂  Decadent it was … thick, creamy, rich and oh-so yummy!!  I only had that .. I didn’t need anything to eat!


Next post .. cruising a small section of Lake Como admiring villas perched against the mountainside and on the shoreline .. home to many famous people

Trafalgar Tours : Best of Italy : June 2013

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  1. Wonderful photos! Congrats for the chance to visit this amazing place. It was a good choice.

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