Walk-about in Venice

…   from Piazza San Marco to Campo Santi Giovanni e Paolo .. and back again

IMG_6250 IMG_6252

I had no idea where we were or where we were going as the narrow streets were narrow allowing us to walk in single file most of the time.  Me .. having my camera at hand taking photos as I walked ..  was usually close to the back or at the back of the single file.   Our guide .. in front … explaining to us, connected by voice in our ear pieces, of what he was seeing and walking passed.  Me .. at the back .. didn’t have a clue as to what he was seeing until I got there but by then he was already moving onto the next place of interest, chatting as he went.   Every now’n’then we would have a catch-up session and a talk about what we were looking at 😉

Now, nine months later (!) I’ve been able to retrace our steps via Google Earth!!!!   It’s amazing !!!!  What a wonderful way to relive this experience .. through the narrow streets and over bridges !!



IMG_6258 IMG_6259




IMG_6265 IMG_6266  A gathering of our group ..



Church building destroyed by bombing in 1916 .. the door survived


One side of the Church of Santa Maria Formosa in the Square of the same name ..










Campo San Giovanni e Paolo with statue of Bartolomeo Colleoni (1400-1475) captain-general of the Republic of Venice …


Renaissance equestrian statue of Bartolomeo Colleoni was created by Andrea del Verrochio in 1483 ..


Church of Santi Giovanni e Paolo – one of the largest churches in Venice .. a minor basilica .. where 25 Doges are buried.  It was originally built in 1246 and was later demolished in 1333.  The current church was completed in 1430




Façade of the church (under renovation) ..



Wellhead in the square .. just as there are in all the squares

Copy of IMG_6279Scuola Grande di San Marco (originally built in 1260, destroyed by fire in 1485, rebuilt in the following 20 years).  Scuolo Grande (great schools) were confraternity or sodality institutions in Venice founded as charitable and religious organisations in 13th century.  These institutions had a major role in history and development of music.  In 1819 it became an Austrian military hospital and is now a civil hospital ..


IMG_4042Around every corner there was another narrow street, a fascinating building, a canal and a pretty bridge .. on our way back to St Mark’s Square …. next post 😉

Trafalgar Tours : Best of Italy : June 2013


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  1. I’m trying to imagine how much damp the people living in Venice must be struggling with.

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