Our two night stay in Venice ..

… was at the very comfortable Hotel le Boulevard on Lido di Venezia, an 11km long sandbar, home to about 20 000 residents.

The hotel is conveniently situated within a short walking distance from the jetty ..  a shop over the road (great for buying water and other goodies) and down the main road was a Pizzeria where we gathered for a very yummy typical Italian meal

Copy of P1080788 Hubby and I had a room at the side on the first floor overlooking the side road.  Can’t remember which of those windows (above) were ours, but it think it was the two at the far end.  It was a small .. very small .. room in a corner.  No room to pass each other round the bed 🙂  but it was very comfy

P1080790 I was standing at the door 🙂  bathroom is behind the other door …


Shop over the road from the hotel ..


Abandoned bicycles ..




New name for a Take-away .. Move on ! ..


Ristorante Gran Viale .. wall-to-wall wine behind where I sat ..


Cannot remember what we ate except for this delicious lasagne.  Must remember to always take pics of either menus or food, as I usually do, then I would remember what the other dishes were!   Complimentary wine is usually always served with our tour dinners


This is Bob.  Bob likes beer.  Bob doesn’t like wine.  When Bob asked for a beer at the pizzeria, Bob got a tankard of beer.  Bob was given the tankard to take home 🙂

This is Lyn.  Lyn is Bob’s wife.  Lyn is not happy.  She has to pack the (glass) tankard!  .. and carry it half-way round Italy!!


After a delicious meal, good company and plenty of laughs, hubby and I went for an evening stroll ..



If we had carried on further, we would have reached the beach, but we didn’t know how far it was .. and needed sleep!  Our day had started in Assisi .. we were rather tired!

IMG_6143 IMG_6144


Day 7 next … sightseeing in Venice – on foot!

…  Trafalgar Tours : Best of Italy : June 2013


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One Response to Our two night stay in Venice ..

  1. Got to laugh at Bob and his tankard. A nice souvenir though. Beautiful dusk pictures of the canals and streets next to them

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