Connor turned 7 yesterday !!

SEVEN !!!    All the littlies are no longer littlies!!!  

Jeanette organised a ten-pin bowling party .. it was a hit!      Children and adults alike cheered in delight when pins fell !!!

I made my usual ‘Granny Speciality Choccie Cake’ … this time a 7-pin bowling lane 😉

Copy of IMG_0304 Copy of IMG_0310

Copy of IMG_0315 Copy of IMG_0320 Copy of IMG_0321 Copy of IMG_0322

Erin had two strikes  …  one after the other  …   Wowee !!!   Awesome !!  !!!

Copy of IMG_0357Copy of IMG_0358

Copy of IMG_0360… and here comes the second strike .. !!!!!!!!!!!

Copy of IMG_0362Copy of IMG_0363 Whoopeee  !!!!!!!!   .. big hug from Dad 🙂 🙂 🙂

Copy of IMG_0364 Copy of IMG_0327 Copy of IMG_0330 Copy of IMG_0334Copy of IMG_0335 Copy of IMG_0339  Copy of IMG_0326


Copy of IMG_0340

Copy of IMG_0341

Copy of IMG_0323

Copy of IMG_0343

Yaaaayyyyyy!!!   a strike for the birthday boy !!

Copy of IMG_0347

Yaaaayy  !!!!   Awesomeness !!!!

Copy of IMG_0348

Copy of IMG_0351

Copy of IMG_0355


Copy of Copy of IMG_0313

Copy of IMG_0384

Copy of IMG_0390

Copy of IMG_0394

Happy Birthday big boy !!!!   Granny and Papa love you lots and lots xxx


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3 Responses to Connor turned 7 yesterday !!

  1. Perfect cake for this occasion!! Looks like you had fun

  2. Happy birthday Connor! Megan had her birthday yesterday and tomorrow the party is at the Super Tube.

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