Motoring thro’ Italian countryside ..

.. from Monte Cassino to Assisi ..  and taking photographs en route .. hence reflections from windows (and a bluish tinge) and some pics not up to standard 😉   …  it was lovely to see the central Italian countryside  …  hilly, mountainous, farmland and fields, houses and villas …  villas atop hills and in valleys  … and ancient towns atop hills and in valleys … very pretty !


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San Pietro church …

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Pietro, our driver,  stopped the coach outside Spoleto, an ancient city in the Italian province of Perugia (central Umbria), for us to take a few photographs.  The fortress, Rocca Albornoziana,  dates back to 1359 …

Copy of IMG_5720Copy of IMG_5722

Church of San Pietro through the trees ..

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Copy of IMG_5725

These houses are on the other side of the road from where we stood…

Copy of IMG_5729Back on the road again …

Copy of IMG_5730


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Copy of IMG_5741

Copy of IMG_5745

Trevi … dates back to the lst century BC with the Duomo of Sant’ Emiliano at the highest point, one of about 20 churches.   I could have spend many a happy hour exploring the streets ..   but we whizzed passed 😦

Copy of IMG_5747

Copy (2) of IMG_5849 Copy of IMG_5850

Finally, we arrived in Assisi at our hotel .. Cenacolo Hotel – a renovated Franciscan convent and pilgrims hostel in Santa Maria degli Angeli, the ‘lower town’ of Assisi … next post 😉

Trafalgar Tours : Best of Italy : June 2013


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2 Responses to Motoring thro’ Italian countryside ..

  1. Italy’s countryside is beautiful, specially with the old churches and buildings all over. Its times like this you wish you were on your own to be able to explore a bit more.

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