Inlaid wood-working .. Sorrento

After our excursion to Capri, our next stop was an interesting and fascinating insight into inlaid wood-working at Notturno in Sorrento ..


” Inlaid wood-work is skilfully crafted by artisans who continue a 500 year old tradition.  An unprecedented standard of craftsmanship and beauty that has become the finest in the world.  Wood used include walnut, birch, mahogany and brier woods.  Inlay is accomplished by layering various sheets of woods and different colours of veneer sandwiched together, fastened on four corners.  A design sketched on thin paper is laid on top of the layering.”

” Craftsmen using a jigsaw painstakingly follow the paper design cutting out the veneer piece by piece.  The veneer is removed for the saw and placed in a container.  Sections of veneer that would need a shadowing effect are then placed in a hot sand bath for 10 or so seconds and are reassembled interchanging the different colours of wood.  A special glue is applied covering a sheet of paper and the design is transferred onto the sheet to dry.   This sheet is then glued to the top of the item, sanded and finished.  Gloss is finally applied.  A timeless heirloom that will be treasured forever.  “

Demonstration room …


IMG_5508 IMG_5507




Showroom filled with beautiful pieces ..


The chappie was explaining here that their pieces can also withstand heat from a flame.  He whipped out a lighter, burnt the top .. then extinguished it … twice!  Too quick for me and my camera 😉

IMG_5513 IMG_5514


IMG_5518 IMG_5519 Photo above and below :  Lazy Susan on a glass and wood dining room table … (that’s the price of the Lazy Susan)  .. this is a place where you just look and marvel at the craftsmanship 😉    even the tiniest of boxes were expensive unfortunately ..


IMG_5521 IMG_5524 Photos above and below : jewellery boxes, trinket boxes and musical boxes …


IMG_5526 IMG_5530

IMG_5528 IMG_5529

I would have loved one of these  …


Next … manoeuvring a big bus/coach through the narrow streets of Sorrento to get to our destination .. 18th century olive oil mill

…. Trafalgar Tours : Best of Italy : June 2013


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  1. I’m not sure if I’m a big fan of inlaid wood work like this.

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