1 tour bus + 1 narrow street =

…. a quick thinking Antonella, our Tour Director 🙂

IMG_5506-SorrentoHmmm …  how are we all going to fit !!

IMG_5531  Antonella spots the chappie on the scooter, flags him down and ….


… off she goes to direct stop the traffic at the top of the hill !!!


Pietro reverses the bus until the road is clear ..


Where there’s a will there’s a way ..


… off we go again .. to the 18th century olive oil mill


Trafalgar Tours : Best of Italy : June 2013


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One Response to 1 tour bus + 1 narrow street =

  1. Hectic. Love how she just stopped the scooter and hopped on, making him take her up the road. On the other hand he got to have a pretty girl hop on his scooter and hold on to him.

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