Images from Leopard Mountain

More pics from our visit to Leopard Mountain Game Lodge  in Oct … from sunrise to sunset .. from game drives to waterholes … animals .. birds .. trees


Stunning sunrise from our chalet ..


Before going out on early morning game drives, we had coffee at the main lodge.  This is the spectacular view ..

Copy of IMG_8738Impala taking a morning stroll ..


Spider’s nest – I think our Ranger said it was an Orb Weaver spider’s nest ..


Another spider’s nest with babies leaving to enter the big wide world …



Msunduzi River bed ..


Nyala and Baboons in the early morning light …


Graham checking the freshness of the rhino ‘poo’ ..

IMG_8753IMG_8758 IMG_8759

Two lurking, sleeping resting crocodiles ..

Copy (2) of IMG_8763Blue Crane .. our national bird ..

IMG_8762 (2)


IMG_8769 IMG_8770 IMG_8771

We drove back to the dam we had been to the day before .. where the hippos still wallowed in the water ..


…. except for a baby on the bank ..   isn’t he cute !!

IMG_8776 (2)




Coffee break ..

IMG_8784… under the huge Fever trees ..

IMG_8783IMG_8785IMG_8786 Cropped the Kite to get a better view (I can’t identify which kind it is in my bird book – maybe birders will know!?)  ..

IMG_8786 (2)


Buzzard …

IMG_8795Copy of IMG_8799 Copy of IMG_8804

A quick dip in our chalet’s private plunge pool before the day continues ..

Copy (2) of IMG_4556

‘Images from Leopard Mountain .. page 2’    follows .. …

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1 Response to Images from Leopard Mountain

  1. Oh I am so jealous. Suddenly I want to go to a game reserve. Love the view from the pool. That is truly epic. Seeing the baby spiders is also quite a find.

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