Rawdons Hotel and surrounds, Nottingham Road

As I said in my FarSide Farm post, after Elaine and Bryan’s wedding, hubby and I, with Terry and Paola, went further afield for a short break.  We stayed one more night in the Midlands, staying at Rawdons Hotel and used the short time we had spare to drive around this picturesque area, including a lunch stop at Günthers to sample their incredible German sausages.. Yumm!!!!  But it was freezing!  The temps dropped from upper 20’s day before (wedding day) to only 9 degrees C!!

IMG_8314 IMG_8315 Günthers ..


IMG_8319 IMG_8320 IMG_8321

One of the resident St Bernard’s snoozing on the front lawn at Günther’s..



Terry and Paola ..


Rawdons Hotel was built in 1956 by David Rawdon and is set on 80 acres in the heart of the Midlands.  It was taken over by the Attwood family who have decorated the comfy rooms with antiques collected by the family over the years.  It is a top fly fishing destination boasting 7 well stocked dams …


Hubby and I had a lovely front view room …


.. this pic taken from the bathroom window ..


Wisteria covered veranda …


Charlie Chaplin sits in one of the several nooks in the main part of the hotel …


An evening stroll …

IMG_8329 IMG_8330 IMG_8331

IMG_8334 IMG_8336 IMG_8338

Overnight it was freezing, hence the frost on the lawn and rising mists from the dam.  We were up early as we had quite a long drive to our next destination .. a game lodge



Packed and ready to go … after breakfast the sun shone brightly … a much warmer day ahead ..



A quick walk-about ..

IMG_8372 IMG_8374

How could I not leave this lovely place without taking a few photos of the glorious flowers!!!!  Clematis (I think) and poppies in particular ..










Beautiful .. not so?  🙂

Next stop … Leopard Mountain Game Lodge .. still in KwaZulu Natal

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2 Responses to Rawdons Hotel and surrounds, Nottingham Road

  1. Sam says:

    Beautiful! Those pictures of the flowers are really crisp. It’s amazing how much warmer the sun can make the world 🙂

  2. Looks like a stunning spot in what is a beautiful part of South Africa. I’ve never been to the Natal Midlands though

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