Our little soccer star

I am lucky enough to watch the Bradley and Connor do their extra murals with Jeanette working all day.  I am blessed 🙂    Yesterday was Connor’s last Soccerstarz day with a demonstration for parents plus their receiving of medals and certificates.   Both his Mom and Dad were there to watch too ..   her blog post below


Jeanette is a whizz with her camera so I packed mine away until the ceremony, standing at a different angle.  It was lovely to see so many moms and dads watching their kiddies instead of the usual grannies who are stand-ins for moms who work

Copy of IMG_9465 Copy of IMG_9466 Copy of IMG_9467

Here he comes running up to get his certificate ..

Copy of IMG_9472

.. then the main coach puts his medal around his neck ..

Copy of IMG_9475

… just need to adjust it slightly   ..

Copy of IMG_9484

…. standing tall and proud !!!   Our little soccer star !!!   Well done my boy, I am so proud of you xxx

Copy of IMG_9489

 Group photo then the Soccerstarz song which they all sing with gusto ..

Copy of IMG_9495 Copy of IMG_9498 Big hug from Dad while Mom gets the pic …

Copy of IMG_9502

Copy of IMG_9504

Copy of IMG_9506

Copy of IMG_9514

Copy of Copy of IMG_9511

I was ‘man-down’ after this – Jeanette took the boys home thankfully, leaving me to  nurse a pounding headache which turned into a super duper migraine 😦    It was a combination of having the best massage I’ve ever had with my friend Sandy at The Els Club’s Spa (wonderful detox and oh so enjoyable and relaxing),  a change-over in my blood pressure tablets which thankfully I decided to do after the wedding as I’m showing all the side effects (doc says I must persevere  and it will come right) and then sitting in the hot sun watching soccer 😦   Hubby had to dash off to the chemist to get ‘ the migraine cocktail’  which works like a charm knocking you out for the whole night plus adding valoid to the mix!! )

Jeanette has gone to the boys’ karate open day today where they do a demonstration for the parents and have their certificate presentation … watch her space



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One Response to Our little soccer star

  1. jenty says:

    Thanks mom for taking photos from the other side 🙂 Love how tall he’s standing.

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