A few wedding ‘bits and bobs’ …

.. .. just to tie up my posts into a neat little package 😉  …  before I move on to our weekend/week away before/after the wedding for those of my readers who do not have access to my Facebook who’ve missed out for curiosity’s sake on a few little things that either I made, or were responsible for

.. such as the ring box carried by Bradley – a silver snuff box (1890) which belonged to Andrew Keay, my Great, Great Grandfather and therefore Elaine’s Gr. Gr. Gr. Grandfather …  (I made the tiny cushion with her wedding dress lace)

Collages 212

… the two little felt love birds, made for fun, one rainy day when I had nothing to do… !!   they were supposed to be samples for hanging on chairs but the other little birdies I made were far easier ..

Copy of IMG_9311

I took one to the Old Aged Home in Somerset West to hang above my Mum’s bed ..


.. Elaine’s hairpiece made out of lace and silk lining from her dress …


… the 6 layered choccie cake ..

Copy of IMG_8312 (2)

.. and the very simple, but effective, table runners of hessian and lace.

A very very special thank you to Renée, Bryan’s mom, who spent hours and hours .. and hours .. making close to 100 metres of bunting!!!!!  Tremendous task!!  It was hung everywhere, inside and out, on the trees, the gazebo  .. everywhere !!

Many many thanks Renée xxx


‘Package’ complete, I think .. 😉


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One Response to A few wedding ‘bits and bobs’ …

  1. Happy days. I’m sure you’ll go back and look at these and the other pics over and over

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