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I have my dress for the wedding .. it’s finished!  On a hanger, in a bag tied with a pretty bow ..  a perfectly tied bow!!  Spent a lovely hour with  ‘A’ (dress designer) yesterday morning sipping fragranced tea .. petals strewn on the tray .. one on my saucer, and while she did the final pressing I paged through some of the fashion magazines on her low coffee table.  One was in Japanese!!  “Can you speak Japanese?” I asked!!  No she couldn’t.  It’s very difficult language to learn and even harder to read.   She’s such an interesting girl.  She lives in another world .. the world of fashion, haute couture, dress design, lace and silks, buttons and pearls.  She trained here and in Milan.  She travels to Japan .. often.   She travels to Japan as often as she can to be with her partner who is studying there.   She says it’s a must-see place, especially in Spring when cherry blossoms are in full flower.  Everywhere you look is pink or shades thereof.    Cities are clean.  Buildings new and old are side by side.  New buildings are built next to ancient temples.  The people are courteous and friendly.  She says it’s a beautiful country.

She’s on her way there now .. her flight left this morning.  While there,  she and her partner are attending a wedding – she has made the bride’s wedding gown.  I saw it on a hanger .. it’s truly beautiful !!

I have now added it to the many places in the world I want to see.  The list is growing longer .. and longer 😉

Funny thing is .. when I was in primary school I used to love to draw Japanese cherry blossoms with Mt Fuji as a backdrop!  I’ve always loved the simplicity of it all


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5 Responses to On my mind ..

  1. Jeanette says:

    LOL your list is very long 🙂

  2. I can imagine that you’re just thinking Italy and wedding. How about an Italian wedding?

  3. lynettejacobs11 says:

    There is so much to see and learn…often it leaves me with the feeling of ” so much to do and see and so little time.

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