Mothers Day … and the Jersey Boys !!!

A big thank you to my children for your messages of love for me today, on Mothers Day 🙂  Love you all lots and lots …. and lots xxx

Elaine came for tea this morning armed with lilies and yummy dark chocolate.  We sat in the warm lounge with the autumn/winter sun streaming through the window with a tray of hot tea and freshly made out-of-the-oven cheese scones and plain ones topped with strawberry jam and cream

Copy of IMG_3910 Copy of IMG_3920

Jeanette and family brought a beautiful potted patio rose this afternoon when they came for tea … and scones 😉

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We decided not to do anything special for Mothers Day.   My 60th birthday celebration with all my family was special enough .. so very special !!!!   We decided to have a quiet day because we had gone out, last night, for dinner and a show – to see the Jersey Boys at Monte Casino!!

It was brilliant!!   Absolutely brilliant!!   Packed house, slick and superb performances!  American accents were spot-on, singing and harmonizing were amazing, sets and quick set changes were brilliant!

Couldn’t resist buying the programme which resembled an LP record cover ..

Blog stuff4

Copy of IMG_3906

Kathy’s nephew is one of the performers !!

Copy of IMG_3907

Music and singing was excellent !!!   Quite sad when it came to an end .. I wished it could have gone on for longer.  The final band, when the lights came on, was also .. dare I say it one more time … brilliant !!!!!

Dinner?   That was at The Meat Co. in Monte Casino.    We both had steaks .. me, a fillet and hubby a rump served with a tasty salad.   Good red wine with the meal!  Loved the bread which is brought while waiting for the order.  We noticed several different small loaves served to people but we were given a pink/red small loaf with black things in it, which at first I thought were raisins!   It was a beetroot with chilli chocolate loaf!!!  Most unusual but delicious !!!  Would definitely ask for that again!!   Would definitely go back there again too !!!

What a fantastic weekend !!!  Thank you hubby and family .. love you lots xxx

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2 Responses to Mothers Day … and the Jersey Boys !!!

  1. Jeanette says:

    Glad you’ve had a good weekend 🙂 Happy Mommy day 🙂

  2. One of my colleagues’ son is one of the leads in Jersey Boys and she is so proud of it.

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