Kathy’s 60th birthday celebration

Kathy, my sister in law, turned SIXTY yesterday, celebrating her birthday surrounded with family and friends here, in Johannesburg – Lifestyle Garden Centre to be exact.   They .. Ian, Kathy and their daughter Daniella .. flew up from the Cape for the weekend so that she could spend her extra special day with two of her three sons, daughter, brother and sister and friends .. and us 🙂

Copy of Copy of IMG_3580

She didn’t want any party or anything like that, all she wanted was to be with her family at a venue where everyone could come and go as they wish.    It was super!!!

Copy of Copy (2) of IMG_3560

I made my usual choccie cake, decorated with the Italian colours (she’s Italian!), a smiley face ‘cos she’s always smiling, and a cancer ribbon ‘cos she’s a breast cancer survivor and a sprinkling of sparkles for a rainbow ‘cos I always sent her ‘love and rainbows’ with any contact we had during her chemo/cancer ordeal ..   (do you remember Jeanette and I went down to the Cape for Jeanette to take photographs as part of her cancer ‘journey’ ?)

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Erin drew a special picture for Kathy ..

Copy of IMG_3550

Copy of IMG_3553

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We were with them the entire morning with family and friends dropping by.   One friend, Pat,  brought the most incredible birthday cake !!  Pat, Daniella’s Godmother, is an amazing cake decorator and has won several awards.  She’s brilliant!!  My humble little cake paled in comparison but I knew Pat was going to bring one.  I had arranged for Daniella to ask Pat as I knew she would make an amazingly special cake for Kathy, who is an avid dressmaker and who has recently learned how to create and make patterns.  She was a little overwhelmed when she saw it

Copy of IMG_3601

Isn’t it brilliant ? !!!

Copy of IMG_3597 Everything .. I mean everything is made out of icing!!!!   .. except the lace bordering the stand!!    All icing .. buttons, bits of lace, tapes, trims, pins, scissors, tape measure, dressmakers chalk .. .. .. everything !!!   Incredible !!!  I couldn’t stop admiring the detail !!!

Copy of IMG_3604

I believe her cakes are delicious to taste too!!!   Pat said this one was orange and granadilla flavour  …. how can you cut it up !!!!!!

Copy of IMG_3594

Copy of IMG_3592

Copy of IMG_3606

Copy of IMG_3608

Amazing isn’t it?   !!

Meet Pat …  www.cakesbypat.co.za  …. one clever lady !!!!

Copy of IMG_3605

Copy of IMG_3625

Copy of IMG_3609

Copy of IMG_3627

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Copy (2) of IMG_3585

A really special day for a very special lady !

Wishing you, Kathy, a very Happy 60th Birthday and many more filled with love, happiness and very good health
Love you lots and lots xxx mwah xxx


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5 Responses to Kathy’s 60th birthday celebration

  1. Kathy says:

    Wow this is an awesome blog celebrating my 60th. Love the photos so very special. Thank you for making my day extra special. Love you lots and lots xxxxx

  2. Diane Wright says:

    It looked like such a special celebration surrounded by special people ……you deserve it all my friend you are much loved and respected x

  3. We’re having a real family do for my mom’s 69th this coming Saturday. Haven’t done a proper family thing like that except for Christmas for ages.

  4. Ceri Wiercx. says:

    Thank you for sharing our special friend’s birthday celebration. A lovely day.

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