Nature’s magic

After a weekend of rain bringing winter temperatures, the sky cleared today .. brilliant sunshine and blue, blue sky.  The air is quite nippy though.

Jeanette and family are away on a well deserved holiday at the coast where temps are much warmer than here – lets hope it stays that way for the entire time they’re there.

Sunshine + easy-to-work-with damp soil + peace and quiet
grandsons + trying to be creative for said grandsons who are getting bored with school holidays already + did I mention the peace and quiet
an afternoon spent in the garden without having to find more gardening gloves, extra shears, spades and forks  ..  stopping to make sure the pantry isn’t raided completely .. being a referee … …
spotting a brief moment when the sun’s magic transformed orange sepals into deep golden crossed horns ..

Copy of IMG_3504

A little more magic … a ‘fairy’ cradled on a sapphire blue petal

Copy of IMG_3506

Copy of IMG_3507

Gazania touched by sun’s rays ..

Copy of IMG_3513

Copy of IMG_3514



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One Response to Nature’s magic

  1. We are having one of those beautiful warm autumn days

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