Morning on the guest farm

Last few photographs from Kuilfontein Stable Cottages taken in the early morning before our delicious breakfast in the ‘Feed Room’ .  A meal one needs to linger longer over  savouring the fresh farm flavours, mingling aromas of coffee and freshly baked muffins .. but the journey home beckons


Do you remember my blog on ‘Max and the Cat’ from two years ago –   –

The Cat strolled into our room, perched himself on the table as if to say au revoir

Copy of IMG_3064

Magical morning ..

Copy of IMG_3062

Copy of IMG_3066

Copy of IMG_3068

Copy of IMG_3071…. ’til next time !


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2 Responses to Morning on the guest farm

  1. Isn’t a place like this just stunning in the morning light?

  2. Beautiful pictures – and I do remember the cat

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