Wine tasting at Peter Falke, Stellenbosch

Hubby, Kathy and I had planned to go to Vergelegen Wine Estate for another picnic the day after our relaxing one at Warwick but after a call to the wine estate, Kathy was told that picnics were cancelled as it was going to rain at 11.00 !!!!   We waited in anticipation for 11.00 and sure enough it did rain .. at precisely 11.00 !!!  But it was a drip and drop .. not enough for picnics to be cancelled.  Anyway, we decided on a plan B before the magical time of 11.00 :  wine tasting at Peter Falke in Stellenbosch  … and yes, for those who are wondering, he is the chappie who started Falke socks in South Africa, a very popular brand of sports and recreation socks!!

A simply beautiful setting (and what isn’t in this part of the Cape) with the Helderberg Mountains in the distance … (I love the giant corkscrews !)

Copy of IMG_2872 Copy of IMG_2873

Copy of IMG_2877

Copy of IMG_2879 Copy of IMG_2880

Copy of IMG_2890

Copy of IMG_2871

Copy of IMG_2860

Copy of IMG_2870

Copy of IMG_2881

Mirror image … hubby looking at the Peter Falke branded clothing …

Copy of IMG_2867

Stunning wine tasting area …

Copy of IMG_2859

Copy of IMG_2869

.. pretty glass danglies chinked together with the gentle breeze through the room.. a lovely effect ..

Copy of IMG_2864

Cappuccino for Kathy, while hubby and I tasted wines …

Copy of IMG_2863

Copy of IMG_2861

Yumm !!

Copy of IMG_2865

Unusual vase .. a plastic bag !!

Copy of IMG_2866

Copy of IMG_2885

Our picnic being ‘rained out’  we had lunch at Tokara .. next post 🙂


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3 Responses to Wine tasting at Peter Falke, Stellenbosch

  1. Pity you couldn’t go to iconic Vergelegen. It truly is a stunning place. Not that there is anything wrong with this one.

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