Picnicking at Warwick Wine Estate

Hubby, Kathy and I spent a couple of hours relaxing, chatting and enjoying a scrumptious picnic under the trees at Warwick Wine Estate    , in Stellenbosch.    A very pretty setting on the edge of a river with lawns spread out with large umbrellas, large cushions and picnic blankets.  That was our idea .. to sit under an umbrella and enjoy a picnic lunch by the river  … but it was far too hot for the three of us to huddle under the umbrella.  Elaine, Bryan and my niece Daniella, spent a couple of hours here picnicking on the lawns on the day Bryan proposed to Elaine.   They told us how awesome it was … we had to try it too.   But we sat on the deck under the shade of oak trees instead.   I loved the water feature/trough that flowed down the paving then tumbled down the middle of the steps

Copy of IMG_2832

Copy of IMG_2840

Silly me .. I didn’t take a photo of the lawns scattered with picnic spots 😦

Copy of IMG_2847

Warwick Wine Estate dates back to 1771 ..

Copy of IMG_2849

Copy of IMG_2850

Copy of IMG_2851

Copy of IMG_2831

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Copy of IMG_2844

Copy of IMG_2842

Copy of IMG_2845

Copy of IMG_2846

Copy of IMG_2837

Copy of IMG_2836

Copy of IMG_2835

We shared a picnic basket for two .. more than enough for the three of us ..

Copy of IMG_2834

Not the best picture of hubby with a side-ways smile and Kathy eyeing the food 🙂   !!!!    .. but it shows the shady deck   ..

Copy of IMG_2833


Copy of IMG_2848

Our visit?   Top notch !!!  Would definitely recommend it 🙂



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2 Responses to Picnicking at Warwick Wine Estate

  1. outdoorcanvas says:

    My kind of place! TFS

  2. Picnic’s at places like this are starting to become very popular. And I love the fact that they encourage visitors to go and rate them on Trip Advisor.

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