Ronnies Sex Shop

Hubby and I are travelling down by car to the Cape at the end of next week.  We haven’t motored down in two years, the last time being our wonderful Garden Route holiday, part of which was driving down Route 62.   Having not blogged about various places on that trip, one of them being Ronnies Sex Shop, I will share this one now as my blog friend Firefly has recently featured the same establishment, with a more detailed story on his blog, and was lucky enough to meet Ronnie himself!   There is nothing seedy about this place .. it’s a pub with a restaurant .. a perfect stop on a hot day for something refreshing.

Ronnies Sex Shop lies in the Klein Karoo, in the middle of nowhere, on Route 62 between Ladismith and Barrydale ..

Copy of P1190958

Copy of P1190968

Copy of P1190992

Copy of P1190971

Copy of P1190969

The pub is wall to wall signed underwear, caps and flags …

Copy of P1190974

Every little space on walls and ceilings are covered in signatures, messages and business cards …

Copy of P1190978

Copy of P1190979

Copy of P1190980

Copy of P1190983

Copy of P1190984Copy of P1190985

Copy of P1190987

Copy of P1190995

Copy of P1190994

Copy of P1190999

Copy of P1200001

Link to Firefly’s post :



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One Response to Ronnies Sex Shop

  1. I have driven past there so many times over the years and started hanging my head when people asked if I had been there so I just had to stop and see it for myself. I have to say I’m not sorry that I did. WOW! Thanks for the link and the mention. I’m returning the favour and placing a link to this post on mine.

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