Soccer stars ..

Tuesday’s extra murals at school are Soccer Stars for Connor and cricket for Bradley.  I remembered to take my camera along last week to capture Connor for Mom and Dad.   There is a huge group of littlies, girls included, split into smaller groups with a coach each.  They have such fun!!   Connor loves it

Copy of IMG_2276

Coach kicks the ball .. Connor runs …

Copy of IMG_2257

..  lining up for a good shot ..

Copy of IMG_2258

.. kicks the ball ..

Copy of IMG_2259

… oh nooooo …  hits the post 😦

Copy of IMG_2260

.. 10 push-ups for those who don’t get a goal … Connor giggling the entire time 🙂

Copy of IMG_2270 Copy of IMG_2271

He LOVES it !!!!

Copy of IMG_2273



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One Response to Soccer stars ..

  1. Jenty says:

    Hehe he looks so pleased with himself 🙂

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